Robert Morris Law

Criminal Defence lawyer

My practice is restricted to defending criminal charges and to defending quasi criminal charges like provincial offences and regulatory offences. 

I am certified Specialist in Criminal Law by the Law Society of Ontario. I can handle the most serious, the most challenging and the most complex criminal charges. However, my practice is not restricted to defending only those kinds of charges.  I can handle any criminal offence and any quasi criminal offence.  

The most common criminal charges are: theft, fraud, assault, sexual assault, criminal harassment, weapons, forcible confinement, drinking and driving, break and enter and drug offences. 

The most common quasi criminal offences are: highway traffic, insurance, liquor, trespass and other regulatory offences. 

Fees are based on the type of charge and the complexity of the case.

Generally, a block or flat fee is set which covers either some part of the case or the entire case from beginning to end. Depending on the client's wishes, a fee can be based on an hourly rate. However, most clients prefer the block or flat fee arrangement.  

I will also accept some Legal Aid cases. I am certified by Legal Aid to handle Extremely Serious Matters (ESM) as well as routine cases. 

Please contact me to discuss your situation, what your options may be and the cost for legal services.

I may ask you to complete some of the forms shown on this page.

The Virtual Court Assistance button will take you to information about attending virtual court in Goderich due to Covid restrictions.

​Before you consider pleading guilty to any charge, you should consider the consequences of such a guilty plea. Please go to the Consequences button.