Robert Morris Law

Criminal Defence lawyer


My focus in every case is to get the best possible result for my client.

In many cases, there are other options that are available other than a trial to resolve the case. As a result of  pandemic and systemic constraints, the police, the prosecution and even the judiciary are under pressure to move cases through the system.

The Crown Attorney has a wide discretion on whether to proceed with the charge or resolve the case in some other fashion. Plea-bargaining is a fact of life. Many lesser charges get withdrawn if either restitution is made or a course of counselling is undertaken. Other times, a trial is the only option. 

I will help you understand the legal requirements for the Crown Attorney to prove the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. We will review the facts that the police have used to support laying the charges.

Rest assured that if you hire me, you will have hired someone who has a long-standing and excellent working relationship with the judiciary, other defence lawyers, prosecutors and the police.

As a sole practitioner of criminal law, you will have the benefit of having access to me in a way that is often not possible with larger firms. You will be able to contact me directly. You can contact me by phone or you can send me an e-mail or fax.